Why attend JuiceIT 2017

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Over the past number of years, the technology industry has been full of hype. A never-ending stream of new technology trends and solutions make it very hard to keep up with rapid advancements.

JuiceIT 2017 – Beyond the Hype, will provide practical advice on how companies can get started and implement the solutions relevant to their business. Though the keynote and presentation sessions, the event will deliver a clear roadmap to success, providing you with the knowledge required to make a meaningful difference, and deliver real business value within your organisation.

The top reasons you should attend JuiceIT in 2017:

  • 30 world-leading technology vendors, in one place, on one day
  • Interactive and informative Keynote presentation
  • Access to Executives from world-leading technology vendors
  • Networking opportunities with like-minded peers

What your peers said about JuiceIT 2016:

“JuiceIT was invaluable for providing one location where you can meet multiple vendors and discuss how their offerings can help your organisation”.

“JuiceIT is definitely an event to add to the calendar of anyone in the IT industry. With so much access to knowledge and vendors everyone would benefit no matter their experience or position”.

“Didn’t really know what to expect at this event but was blown away by the level of information that was available by sponsors as well as viewing/touching products first hand”.

“The ability to meet the vendors directly and having the Data#3 team there to answer our questions, made the event very worthwhile for me and the others that attended.”.

JuiceIT is a FREE event for Data#3 customers and prospective customers to attend. Registration acceptance is at the discretion of Data#3. Due to the nature and intention of the event, we are unable to accommodate the general public or those from other IT related businesses and industry competitors, such registrations will be cancelled.


Wed 29th March 2017

Pan Pacific


Tues 4th April 2017

Adelaide Oval


Thurs 20th April 2017

Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre