Over the past number of years, the technology industry has been full of hype. A never-ending stream of new technology trends and solutions means it can be hard to keep up with rapid advancements.

Key trends, such as the internet of things (IoT) and digitisation, are driving the demand for a new way of doing things, and businesses need to respond to stay relevant. However, with the line between the physical and virtual technological worlds blurring, this adds yet another layer of complexity to already challenging solution areas such as; Security, Mobility and Cloud.

Companies need to go beyond the hype to gain clarity on the interdependencies between these solutions and trends, and what they really mean for their business. The often siloed information available in the market makes it hard to gain a true understanding, as in reality, IT environments are a complex and intricate blend of many solutions and platforms.

JuiceIT 2017 – Beyond the Hype, will provide practical advice on how companies can get started and implement the solutions relevant to their business. Though the keynote and presentation sessions, the event will deliver a clear roadmap to success, providing attendees with the knowledge required to make a meaningful difference, and deliver real business value.


Wed 29th March 2017

Pan Pacific


Tues 4th April 2017

Adelaide Oval


Thurs 20th April 2017

Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre